How do we even get started?

Once we decided to adopt we looked into Bethany, Holt and Dillon but not one of those agencies were letting more families into their Korean Program. Families enrolled with these companiess were already waiting so long. We stopped looking for a while until Ron said that with as busy as he was at work I was going to need to be responsible for doing some research into the matter. I started looking and didn't come up with much. We were feeling pretty beat down about the whole thing and were about to give up the whole idea. I was praying about the issue and was pretty upset because I was certian I had heard form the Lord on this and that He was calling our family to adopt. I didn't see how we could adopt if we couldn't even get into a program. I basically just said " I need some direction here and I need it soon!" Two days later I received an interesting email. My Aunt Elsie, my fathers sister, sent out an email to her family members just to let us know that her niece from the other side of the family,someone we had never met or even heard about before, was adopting from Korea. She included a blog site and some general information. I went to the blog site and there was the name of the adoption agency they were using. The agency was out of NY but worked with families from different states and had a networking agency in Kalamazoo,MI. I nearly fell off my chair. Some might consider this coincidence but we knew better, it was clear this was an answer to prayer: God's direction! We called the agency and found out they were accepting more families. It took some time and some more prayer but eventually everything fell into place. I am amazed at God and how He works, not only did we get direction but Spence Chapin has a fantastic record and have been nothing but promt and professional. We see His hand at work in every area of this adoption.