It seems like when you've had a child and they get to the age of two the only question you begin to hear is " when are you having another?" Every time someone asked us this question we would look at each other... We didn't know when. Soon Ron asked me "when" too? For some reason I always felt this funny pit in my stomach whenever anyone would bring it up. It wasn't that I didn't want more babies, it's hard to explain the feeling, I just knew I couldn't see myself pregnant again at the time. I didn't know why but God did. He had a baby for us, only I was not going to physically carry the child, we would carry this baby in our hearts.

Long before Ron and I were married we both knew we wanted to adopt a child one day. It was something that God placed in both our hearts. A desire to give a child a home. I think we both figured that we would look into adoption after we had a few kids of our own and were more financially secure but our timing is not God's timing. I had this "feeling" deep in my heart and I began to pray. One day while praying,I started crying and was feeling so very unsettled and I heard the Lord asked me, "Why are you crying." I said I think I wanted to adopt and I didn't know how that was going to happen. He told me to ask him for a baby, so I did. He said "OK I have one for you." Gee why didn't I talk to him sooner!!!!

So why are we adopting? God gave us the desire and told us now was time. We chose to gladly obey!