From the beginning we have said that we were not going to get stressed out about the time. This is a very long process and we knew that going into it. That being said I am sick of waiting! I want the paperwork to be done! All we need is one more form from the government and get fingerprinted by Home Land Security and then everything can be sent to Korea and then we can really wait :). I just want to be on the list in South Korea. 
The other night I couldn't sleep and so I just begin to pray for our sweet baby. I cannot wait to see the face of our child and hold them in my arms. It truly excites me that with the time line we have been given our child is most likely conceived and growing inside their mother. I pray for the birth parents as well, what is that like to give up a child? Of course after I prayed I felt such peace and renewed strength for this next period of waiting. As we wait the excitement builds, someday not so long from today we will meet our second child!