A little Detour

We were told that all kinds of things would come up that were out of our control and to look at them as detours and not road blocks. We have felt very blessed becasue everything has gone quite smooth... Yesterday, I received a phone call from Spence Chapin saying that we had to change our homestudy. The Korean governement has gotten themselves into a little pickle. Korea is now making all the the incoming homestudies say that the family would accept a child 24 months and younger rather than the 18 months that we had on our homestudy. They are requiring these changes because they are not giving out as many Visa's as they used to so children are waiting longe r(and getting older) to be brought home. This is so screwy to me because these kids are in foster care longer and not with their famillies and getting older by the day but becasue Korea is really promoting domestic adoption the time frame for international adoption keeps getting longer. This is not the best news for us but we are still amazed at the favor we have. Let me expain, last week are fingerprints were done and processed and we were assigned to a case worker. Once you get assigned a case worker from CIS ( homeland security office) your Visa request to bring a child into the US is just about approved. This is a good thing unless your homestudy needs to be changed. Our Spence Chapin Case worker is on the ball and called us immediantly and called CIS and told them to hold our approval until we could get an updated homestudy report. If we would have not found out about this until next week chances are that our request would have been approved already and we would have had to fill out more paperwork and request an addendum to our approval. That process could take up to 2-3 months. Thankfully we caught the paperwork in time and the homestudy is being changed as I type. The CIS caseworker has no problem holding the approval until the corrections in our homestudy are made. THANK YOU LORD!!! This is great news for us, unfortunately the famillies who have already had their Dossier sent over to Korea are now going to have to change the homestudy and get a new approval for their Visa's. How frustarting for them, my heart breaks for them as it added more work and more time onto their process. Please pray with us for these families and for my family as we pray this litle detour will go smoothly and our dossier can be sent over.