At church this past Sunday our Pastor asked us to email him a list of  things we were thankful for and he was going to put them up on the screen at church during our Thanksgiving service. I put that I am thankful for my healthy family, Greyson really struggled with a terrible cough for 5 weeks and after a few doctors visit, an antibiotic and 43 scratches on his back at the allergist it was determined he has asthma. It is nothing severe and is easily controlled by his new inhaler. I am so thankful that the doctors figured this out as I was informed that 65% of asthma cases in kids under 5 go misdiagnosed. That whole "coughing all the time, no one in our house is sleeping" period was going on right when we received word  that our homestudy would need to change. It was somewhat stressful but it all worked out and life is back to normal. So I am thankful that my family is healthy once again and doing well. The second thing I put that I was thankful for was a child that I never meant but call my own. Two weeks ago we received our approval!!! HOORAY! This was the last piece of paperwork that we needed for our dossier. Everything is complete now and our paperwork is being sent to Korea. We are actually just waiting now for the phone call about our child. I am so thankful for this and that the process continues to move ahead.  Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!!!