A little unsettled

Well Kim Jong Il has paseed away. Everytime I turn on the t.v. or open my computer there is some story about him. The news says that his death could cause uproar and unrest in that part of the world. We now have to worry about China and how they will respond to this, will America show support and send a represenative if invited to the funeral? Will South Korea and North Korea meet and talk or will the division between the two countries worsen? Its unsettling to think about these things and not just because I have a little person on that side of the world that I am dying to meet. It is times like these that I think about people who do not have Jesus as their Hope - A confident expectation of good. This world has got a lot of yuck in it and yet daily I find things that amaze me and make me give praise and adoration to God. I'm not going to say that Im not a little nervous about all of these things going on in Korea, I am but I do have hope in Jesus. He sent his Son to save the world, a thought at the fore front of my mind this time of year. So I will do what I always do, pray. I will pray for my mind to have peace and rest because He truly does "Have the whole world in His hand." I will pray for N Korea's next leader and that he will not make the mistakes his father did. And as always I will pray for my sweet baby.