Some good and bad

For any women who has been pregnant you understand that when your pregnant it seems that people's filters turn off and that they tell you whatever they want. Alot of times it is nice and they ask nice questions about your future child. Other times the things that come out of peoples mouth's makes you want to hit them. I remember being pregnant and hearing stories about terrible labors or how big I was getting...Really, who says that? In any case this does not change when people find out you are adopting. Mostly, I have received positive feedback and people always tell me of their friend,cousin, neighbor etc who has adopted and what a joy the child is but there has been a few people who have decided to tell me the horror stories. Yesterday at work I had someone ask me if we were ever going to have more children. I told her yes and that we were actually in the adoption process for South Korea. Well she had a story for me, people at her church had adopted from Haiti and the child had been with them for over a year and now they just received word that the child would have to go back (Im not sure how this is happening as you sign hundreds of documents and go to court to make the child officially yours and an american citizen)but in any case she went on and on about how they are fighting this and this is their worse nightmare and blah blah blah... Not really what I wanted to hear and if that is really happening my heart breaks for that family!

But then there are the people who tell you a story and when they do their face lights up and that type of story makes your own face light up. We had this happen to us last week. While at a open house for Greyson's preschool (yes my baby is old enough to go to preschool) we ran into a family friend and she has a cousin who is adopting from South Korea as well. She had told us about her cousin last May and at that time they had just been told their wait time was increased. In May her cousin's family was pretty bummed. Anyway,the other night, she asked how the adoption was going and then went on to tell us that her cousin who was not expecting to get her baby for a few more months received great news in September.They received their referral and they got a little girl who they brought home a few weeks ago. The baby was 11 months old. Amazing and Wonderful news. It made me so happy. I want to cut and paste their experience into my own life!

  In any account everyone has their story and it makes them unique and good or bad it is their story. I am just thrilled to have an adoption story even if I dont know the ending yet. He who began a good work is faithful to complete it. Can't wait till my story is complete!