I have written about Experiencing God, the Bible study, before and I find myself going back to the work book and reviewing things. This study was just so good and I love so many things in it but probably one of my favorite things is that in the back of the book it has a list of the names and characteristics of God. A few months ago I went through and put initials next to some of them that to me really pertain to the adoption or for our adopted child in general. I did this for myself, our family and for Greyson but since this blog is about the adoption I wanted to share those certain ones. The other night I went over them again because we have been waiting almost 3 months now and I would be lying if I said I'm anything but anxious about receiving "the call" but everytime I open myself up to God and His word, His perfect peace comes. I love that! After reviewing them I thought I would blog about the list becasue I think that praying Names, Titles and Descriptions of God into my life experience is powerful. So here they are...

The Father, Son and Holy Spirit Are/Is concerning this process and our child...

The faithful God - Deut 32:4
A source of strength - Isa 25:4
Father- Isa 9:6, 63:16, Matt 5:16
Father to the fatherless - Ps 68:5
God my maker - Job 25:10
God of Glory - Ps 29:3
Great and Powerful God - Jer 32:18
Helper of the fatherless - Ps 10:14
I AM WHO I AM - Ex 3:14
Lord of all the earth - Mic 4:13
Lord will provide - Gen22:4
My Advocate - Job 16:19
My Hope - Ps 25:5,21
My strong deliverer - Ps 140:7
Author of life - Acts 3:15
Head over every power and authority - Col2:10

It's amazing how you can apply the Word to every situation in your life. I love all of these but my top picks are Faithful God, My Advocate and Head over every power and authority. I loves those three becasue of what they speak to me when I am anxious. He is faithful and he will get that child home,He is that childs advocate, no matter what adoption agency or foster home is involved the Lord Most High is advocating for my child, and He is the Head over every power and authority. That means the U.S. government,the Koren government, the adoption agency, the social workers, the judges and I could go on and on.... ALL of those authorities He is over. Oh, what peace! Praying his Name and attributes into any area of my life always results in peace, how could it not?  What a powerful tool we all have readily available to us. Thanks for your prayers and please continue to lift up our family and child.