This past weekend was Easter and we had some family over to celebrate. We had ham, an easter egg hunt and everyone had on spring colored outfits. It was Easter, so very similiar to last year and probably alot like next year but there was a few new thoughts that crossed my mind this year. I did alot of thinking about how almost everyone celebrates Easter, Christian or not and that people all over the world celebrate this holiday as many all over the world celebrate Chrsitmas. It's different than 4th of July or Thanksgiving Day as these holidays are specific to Americans, with Easter the world can celebrate. This led me to my next thought, is the family that is fostering our child Christians? Of course this was not the first time I had thought about this, Ron and I have prayed alot for them and specifically that they would be a Christian home but it did make me wonder anew. I certainly hope they are for so many reasons, so that they are saved, so that they are seeking God on how to deal with raising somone else's child for a short period of time, so that they will have God to lean on when the child they have cared for and bonded with is gone, and so my child is being raised in an atmosphere where God is reconized. I hope so and continue to pray for them.

This Easter was fun and I just love reflecting on Jesus and what he did for us, I love that we can set aside time to focus on the perfect man who became sin for us. I love having family over and eating too much food and finding fun eggs, I love teaching Greyson the true reason of the holiday. Next year I hope to celebrate with another little family member and I cant wait to share the Easter story with them. I hope you had a wonderful Easter and that Jesus was glorified.

Greyson finding his easter basket

Easter Egg Hunt

Our silly boy

Ron, Greyson and I