Red and Yellow, Black and White, They are Precious in His sight

I have been trying to educate myself on biological anthropology. I know big words but once you break it down and study a few things out, it is quite fascinating! I just think God and all his creative power is so amazing. To expound I basically just wanted to understand why we look the way we do. I did not do a massive search and I am sure that I only hit the tip of the iceberg but I did study it out a bit and here is some of what I discovered.

First lets start with some definitions:

Create: To bring  into existence; To produce through imaginative skill

Biological Anthropology: Genetic adaption of human beings to different environmental conditions. Physical adaptions in human beings are seen in a response to extreme cold, humid heat, desert condition and high altitudes.

Race: A local geographic or global human population distinguished as a distinct group by genetically transmitted physical characteristics

Different: Partly or totally unlike in nature, form or quality

Similar : Having characteristics in common

OK so when you look at those definitions you can probably start to see where I am headed. I was very curious as to why people, Korean people, in particular have the facial structures that they do. I wondered so I would be able to explain it to my children some day. We have already begun to prepare and explain to Greyson that his sibling will not look exactly how we look because they are from another part of the world. But why?

I looked up the shaped of Asian eyes and learned that the "fold" of skin that makes the appearance of their eyes the way they are is called an epicarthal fold. The reason this fold is unique to the Asian culture is that many Asians are descendants of the Mongolian people. Mongolia is a harsh land with extreme temperatures. The fold of the Asian eye is for protection from snow, as well as the flatter features. I couldn't imagine having to live in extremely cold areas with my very pointy nose, the thing would probably fall off!  Speaking of my nose the reason it is so long and pointy is because of my descendants. I need that long nose to warm up the air before it hits my body. So that being said we can explain why some African Americans have larger, flatter noses. They are from a region of the world that is hot and dry. Larger nostrils give the opportunity to get more oxygen into the nose at a faster pace so when it reaches the body it is still cool, same reason for their dark skin, you cant live under the desert sun and have fair skin. I just found all of these things very interesting. Mainly I was once again so impressed by God. What a creative genius!
He created the world and he created people in the world to be able to not only live in their environment  but to thrive. The specific characteristics of peoples, skin, hair, and facial structures are all for survival and protection in the world He made. These answers are basic but I think very important, with these basic scientific answers we can minimize racism and ignorance. We can also give glory to God for the way he created us which no matter how you look is in His image. He created us to look differently on the outside but to have similarities as well. We all have two ears and eyes, a nose and a mouth. We have hearts that beat to bring us life and we have legs to take us where we want to go. Same and different but we all the exact same purpose in life, Bring Him Glory! Thank you Jesus for creating so many different and beautiful people: Here are some pics of His handiwork