Longer Still...

I really cant believe that we are already into July, summer is always so fast! As fast as summer is going I feel like our adoption process is so slow. A few weeks ago we received our monthly email from our agency and we were told that they wait process for a referral is now 15 months rather than 12-15 months. We also found out that once we do receive the referral and accept the wait time to travel will no longer be 5 weeks to 3 months but more like 5-6 months. Not gonna lie, I cried. I was just thinking about how much longer we are going to have to wait. I could get pregnant and have a 3- 4 month old baby and we would just be getting to travel to get our little one from Korea. WOW!! Adding on another 6-8 months just stinks!!!

I am pretty bummed for Greyson as well. He is turning 4 in a few months and realistically he will 5 before he gets a sibling. He could really use a playmate. The other day in the car he asked where "that baby" was. I asked him what baby and he said the one from Korea, "cause she is taking a long time to get here." I couldn't agree more! He melts my heart and I am so thankful for him. It's been a rough few weeks for me as I can't get my little one who lives around the world out of my mind. I am asking that you pray for us and for our baby.

 Ron keeps extremely busy at work, we are planning on taking a mini vacation to Kalamazoo to the zoo, I am growing a garden and we spend lots of time at the lake.For now we will continue to live life and enjoy our little boy So glad I serve a Faithful God who cares for my family and has a good plan in mind.  He is working all things out according to His Loving Kindness!

                                                  Greyson and I were in a wedding in June
                                                                    Cutest Ring Bearer
                                                                            Ron and I
                                                                Fourth of July Parade
                                                             Happy Birthday America
                                                                               Our Family