From three to four

I sit here with the computer on my lap and I keep trying to type/write what I want to say but I keep deleting things and starting over. I guess I'll start with this:

I have another little boy, we now have two children and Greyson has a brother! 

For those of you who have been following us you might be surprised that I put boy, we were surprised too. The extra long wait indicated that we were most likely getting matched with a girl. I had thought all along we would get a girl, I wanted a girl...Then I saw him, and what to say except, He's perfect and he's mine. (Now I'm crying again, for the 57th time in the last 3 days). I will start at the beginning now:

Typically I work all day on Mondays, at work I check my phone 1/2 a dozens times throughout the day to make sure I have not missed "the call." This past Monday I did not have to work, we went to the zoo. I made sure my phone was on ring and in a place where I would hear it, it did not ring at all in the zoo. As we were leaving I remembered I had to give my sister in law a bag of things and so I put Greyson in the car and walked 4 parking spaces down and handed her the bag. My phone rang then, while I was not in the car.(of course!) Out of habit I looked at my phone to check the time as I was pulling out of the zoo and notice I missed a call from an out of state number, I had yet to put in our new agencies contact info as they just legally took over our case a week ago. Half way down the road I realized it was from them and called them back.  I told myself not get my hopes up because we have been in contact a few times recently to discuss paperwork and the switch of the agencies. I assured myself it was a paperwork question. So I asked Darlene our caseworker if she had a question and she said "no questions but I have some good news." I said "I'm driving" and she replied " you might want to pull over" OH MY GOODNESS!  Could this be it?!? This couldn't be it because in my mind the call would come when I was out walking Marge on a warm summer morning and I would be by myself and the birds would be chirping and after they told me about my little girl I would fall to my knees and thank Jesus for her life and then I would run home and tell Ron. (Dramatic and Silly but when you have almost 2 years to think about it, you get a little crazy).

Well it did not go that way, it went by her telling me we had a referral, then waiting while she found the file back(seriously women, come on!) Me crying, ok really it was more like blubbering, before she even started telling me anything.  Finally file found and Congratulations, you have a little boy. He is 8 months old and healthy. WAIT, WHAT!?! She went on to tell me all kinds of other things, I remember it but not clearly. I had told Greyson to please be quite while I was on the phone so he was "whispering" to me from the back seat with a look of concern on his face. Poor kid, he has had to hear us talk so much about the adoption that when I started crying he asked what is wrong and I said we got a referral. My four year old knows what a referral is and he started clapping. So I'm looking around for a Kleenex because I now have snot pouring out of my nose and tears blinding my eyes, I'm at the end of the zoo parked next to people who are at this point trying to pretend like they aren't watching me, but they are.  Greyson keeps clapping and talking to me and in the midst of all of it comes this wave of peace and I hear God say "your ways are not my ways, your thoughts are not my thoughts" and I'm filled with happiness and relief. 

God in His wisdom and plans picked a little boy out for our family and we are thrilled!Everything I had planned in my own way was not what He had planned. You would think that after this process going absolutely the opposite of how we thought I would have learned that He is in control. Apparently, I am a work in progress. But I did end up getting a few spare minutes to myself later in the day and I did fall on my knees and thank him for my son's life. I get to wake up everyday and thank him for my boys and that is fun!

 We have a long road ahead of us as we still have to wait 6-9 months to travel to get him but he is young, younger than we thought our child would be at age of referral. He is being well cared for and is happy so that is comforting. For now we are focused on getting paperwork filled out and starting the next chapter of this adoption journey, getting our sweet boy home. I refer to him as our little boy because we have not picked out a name for him yet, His Korean name is Hanung. 

We are so thankful for the support and prayers of so many people, the kind words and cards. We know we have been lifted up in prayer so many times and now we ask that you pray for Hanung, that he bonds to us and that the transition is easy on him. I can hardly stand to think of what he will have to go through. Please pray for us too as we wait yet again and for Greyson, he has been an only child for almost five years and this will be a big transition on him as well. Thank You all so much! Most importantly we give Glory to God for the Great things He Has done!!

Here is our little guy, one of the pictures is from the hospital soon after he was born and the other two were taken on July 25 so they are very recent...We think he is pretty cute but we may be a bit biased.