Packing our Bags!!

Well today was a good day! Big sigh of relief, we got a court date!!

I was convinced this was not happening today for a number of reasons, the main reason was that our caseworker told us that she gets the information via emails on Thursdays or Fridays from Korea and so around noon every Friday my heart drops and I have a solid cry and then I look forward to the next week. Korea is 13 hours ahead of us so by the time it is noon here it is 1 am in Korea the next day, if I haven't heard from her by noon, I know its not happening. 

When we were submitted to court we were told it is typically 3-5 weeks after that, that we receive a date and can make plans to travel. This week marks 8 weeks that we were submitted to court. During this process not one thing has gone before or according to the schedule we were given so I don't know why I expected this would but it helps to have hope so I hoped for 3-5 weeks. 

This morning Greyson was at school and I had a few quiet hours, surprisingly I didn't cry when the phone didn't ring. This afternoon while Greyson played with a friend I made cookies and got dinner ready, I didn't cry then either. I resolved to not cry this week, truthfully I am so sick of crying. At 4 pm I was cleaning up my kitchen and gabbing with my neighbor friend that had come over for a bit. My phone started buzzing and I went to silence it so I could keep talking. I glanced at the I.D. and it was my caseworker....HEART STOPPED! I just looked at my friend and said "You might see me freak out or cry here in a minute because its Friday and this is my adoption agency." We both just kinda held our breath and I answered the phone. My caseworker said the same thing she said when I received our referral. "I have good news for you". She went on to tell me she had tried to get to reaching me all day but had been so swamped she was just now getting the chance. I sorta wanted to jump through the phone and ring her neck but I just gave a casual laugh, like I totally understood and it was no big deal to make me wait almost the entire work day. Ok, enough whining about it because it happened and we have about 23 days until we hop on plane to travel to Korea. Our court date is set for March 25.  I didn't cry then either when she told me the news. I just smiled and sighed and felt relief. 

A few hours later after the fun phone calls to our families and friends, I told Ron I would take Marge out for a walk. The tears came then, they felt good and they were happy tears. I am just so humbled that God is entrusting this little boy to us. I am so thankful that I get to actually meet him in the less than a month!!! I get to hold him, breath in his scent, see his smile and hear his voice. 

So now we need to start making arrangements and packing and about a million other little things. I am so happy to finally be making travel plans. This has been such a long time coming. I ask for people to be praying for our family for the next few weeks. We need safety traveling, we really ask for prayers that after the court meeting our paperwork is processed...FAST. This final step was taking only around 2-3weeks but just recently has been taking up to 2 months. The Courts in Korea have dedicated a judge solely to adoption cases all day, everyday and this was supposed to help move things faster but things have been bottlenecked for so long that it has actually slowed things down. They are trying  hard to work out the kinks and get things moving smoothly again but alot has to  happen to our paperwork before we can travel back to pick him up. So please pray!

We are just so Thrilled and Giving Glory to God!!