Prayer Warrior's

We adopted a baby. Well, I thought he would be a baby, but after nearly four years of waiting he was closer to a toddler. It was a grueling process with a lot of roller coaster moments. The biggest moment came while we were in our son's birth country, but that's also when a few prayer warrior's showed up.

The list of things that went wrong or took longer than expected while we were adopting is too long to cover.  If I were to recap them all, you would get bored, but I assure you it's many. The good news is after almost four years we finally received a travel call and a court date. We traveled half way around the world to meet our son. Origionally, we were only suppposed to travel one time. It should have been a quick trip to pick up our son and bring him home. Over time though, the government decided that the regulations should be changed and that two trips were now necessary. 

That's hard to hear. You wait and wait and think that when your time comes to go, you get to bring the baby home.  That wasn't the case for us. We still waited and waited, but then we had to go and meet him, have a court session, fly home, wait 4 weeks for approval, fly back and THEN take him home. You dont really get a choice or a say in the matter. You do what you have to do. So we did.

I received an email midway through our fist trip. We had met our son for the first time the day before and were madly in love. I was still running on adrenaline when my inbox flashed that a new message had come in. I openend it and read that once again regulations had been changed. Now, in order to have your adoption finalized, you would need a full psychological evaluation. I immediantly thought this would not apply to us. We were in country and had our court date in 2 days. There was no way this would apply to us. Turns out it did. Unless you had already had your court date, this would apply to you. We were 48hrs late. 

The real issue was that they were still figuring out all the details of this new rule. The list of test's they were going to require would not only cost thousands of dollars but were only available in certain states in the US. We would have to go home, wait until they figured all the kinks out and then schedule our testing. We were told it could take up to 6 months to finalize.

So, here we were going for a second visit with our son the very next day and now realizing that it might be months until we would get back to see him again. Months of him growing without us. We would miss even more milestones than we already had. He would bond even tighter to his foster family. We cried, we got angry, we called our caseworker, we cried some more. Then we stopped and knelt down and talked to God. Next, we put a plea out on the blog for prayer. Like really intense prayer! We asked for people to believe with us that a miracle would take place and we would be exempt from this. The peace of God filled our hotel room and we rested well that night.

The next day was tough. I held that sweet little boy and cried my eyes out not knowing when I would get to hold him again.  The following morning as we geared ourselves up for our day in court, three women texted us saying they were on their knees praying. This is a big deal because not only did they take time to talk to God on our behalf but it was the middle of the night at home. They lost sleep, they dragged themselved out of bed, they showed up half way around the world, for us. I tear up now just thinking about it.

We found out that we were meeting with the kindest judge and all the agencies loved working with her. Our caseworker and interrupter accompied us into the court room. The whole thing lasted about 7 minutes. Then we waited in the hallway for about thirty minutes. Our caseworker came out and said in broken english "I do not undertsand why, but the judge feels that you have been treated unfairly and she is waving you through. The judge is exempting you from these new regulations". We really couldn't believe it. It happened though, her ruling held firm. We went home the next day and returned 4 weeks later. This time we traveled home with our son. 

I learned after our court session that almost 30 other families were meeting with judges that day. Of the thirty families only the three that saw our judge were exempt. Not only did some prayer warriors show up on our behalf but God showed up too. It reminds me of the verse that says " where two or three are gathered in my name, so I am also".  Showing up for one another does not always have to be in the physical. We can be on opposite continents and different time zones. There are many ways to show up for another. I am so humbled and grateful for those women who did show up in prayer for us. I am much more sincere now about actually praying for others when they ask for. It touched me so deeply that someone would do that for us.