Sometimes I just forget

I love Little Critter books.  The accuracy of life with kids detailed in the books often reminds me of things going on in my own house.  Mercer Mayer, the author, does such a great job of capturing the thoughts and actions of children.  We own "Just A Little Critter Collection Book" and the title of books included in the collection crack me up.  There's  "I was so mad" , "All by myself" and "Just go to bed". My favortie is "I just forgot".

Life can be so busy. It's easy to get caught in the cycle of everydayness (I know, not a word). Kids need to eat, dogs need to be walked and bosses expect us be at work on time.  I often find myself running through my never ending mental check list. Pick up prescription, respond to the email, write the check for school, pick up snack for soccer team...  on it goes.  My mind is so jammed up with to-do's that sometimes, "I just forget".

In the book, each page describes things the little buddy remembers and forgets. Like he remembers to brush his teeth but forgets to make his bed. He remembers to wear his rain coat but forgets his boots. He was only going to eat three cookies but forgets to count, this happens to me too. As I was reading it the other day I thought about all the things I forget.

I remember to grab a quick kiss from my husband as he heads out the door but sometimes I forget I am the lucky girl he picked to marry. That it's so much more than a partnership, it's a holy covenant. That we not only love each other, but we really like each other too.

I remember to bath and feed my kids but sometimes I forget to just enjoy them. To listen at all the hilarious things coming out of my seven year olds mouth. To watch in wonder as my two year old grasps another concept.

I remember to complain about the laundry and the dishes, but forget that having to take care of them means we have plenty of clothes to wear and full bellies.

I remember to look into the mirror and see the new wrinkles on the forehead, judge the way some things don't look like they used to. I forget to be kind to myself.

Towards the end of the book after listing all the things he forgets.  Little Critter says that there is one thing he never forgets. He always remembers to have his mom tuck him into bed and he always remembers to kiss her good night. This statement caused me to pause. In the list of things I forget in a day, do I remember all the things Jesus does and says concerning me?

Have I forgotten that He is the God who sees me, in all things. He created every inch of me with care. Do I remind myself that the promises of His word are for me. He is alive and active in this world; if I am willing to pay attention. He has a purpose and plan for me to accomplish and it's good.

 That's my prayer, I want to be like Little Critter who at the end of the day never forgets the one thing that is most imortant to him.