It's a...

I had mentioned a while ago that our adoption agency said this time around our process would be fast, like lightening fast. I didn't believe them. I am still not certain I do, but so far they have lived up to some promises.

When we received our referral for Charlie, our caseworker told me that referrals come in on Friday's. So this time  around I did not think about "the call" except on Fridays. This past Friday marked 12 weeks that our paperwork was sent to Korea but it's not like you are automatically put on the waiting list. Your paperwork gets processed and translated. I imagine that can take some time. We were told referrals were coming in anywhere between 1-6 months after the paperwork was submitted. So, really anytime. This past Friday came, I made sure to have my phone on loud but it never rang. Then Monday came.

Monday is the only day that I work, I look at my phone at lunch and I can hear it buzzing with an email or text during the day but often times we are pretty busy so I don't check it. I heard it ringing around 3:45 and did not think any thing of it. After all our patients were gone and we were wrapping the day up, I pulled it out to see who had called.

Missed call : Adoption Agency... Lump in Throat

I gasped and walked to the back leaving my coworkers to stare. We had some issues with paperwork so I told myself that was why they were calling but the lump did not go away. I called back, line busy. I called my caseworker's cell phone, it went to voicemail. I walked back to my co-workers and explained the situation. Everybody got excited and I told them not to, that it was probably just a paperwork call.  I gave it 5 more minutes and then headed to the back to call again and this time she picked up. She started the same way she had when she called about Charlie "I have good news for you".

It is such a surreal feeling to learn about your kid over the phone, my caseworker started talking and I was listening but not really hearing. Thoughts like  "It's not Friday" and  "I'm standing in a sterile procedure room at work" were running through my head and I had to force myself to focus. She rattled off information quickly, weight, height, birthdate and current age until she finally  said "Oh, I should have started with it's a boy. '"She gave me some more information, I cried and then she said she was emailing me pictures and the paperwork. The phone call ended and I sat in the quiet room for just a few seconds soaking it in, thanking Jesus and blowing my nose.

I called Ron before I headed out to tell my co-workers and his first response when I said we got a referral was "But, it's Monday". He was wrangeling 4 kids at the time because we had our nephews for a few days. It was a quick call and a promise to head home and over to the pool where he had the boys swimming to burn off some energy. I drove home and then to pool all with the knowledge that I could see him if I opened my email but I waited. For us, opening the email is kinda like the moment at the hospital when they lay your baby on your stomach and you get to see them. I wanted us to be together.

I met Ron at the pool and with kids running around, strangers splashing nearby and the sun beating down on us we opened the email and layed eyes on our little boy for the first time. And let me tell you, he is a ball of chubby goodness. We laughed at the size of his cheeks, crazy hair and curious eyes.(I wish I could share his picture) We rejoiced over God's faithfulness and gave Him thanks for entrusting us with another child.  We have named him Sawyer and we are already so in love with him.

The day you get "the call" is so fun.  It is filled with a lot of emotion and phone calls/texts to family and friends.  So far everyone we have told has asked us how long until we get to travel. When we started the process just 5 months ago my caseworker told me that at the rate things were going we could most likely expect a baby home before the end of the year. I called this week to check current time frames and wouldn't you know it, things have slowed down. It's hard to hear about changes in the process when you are waiting for a referral but once you have that picture hanging on your fridge it becomes nearly impossible. Travel times after acceptance of referral are  9-12 months for the first trip. NO! JUST NO! He is only 6 months old right now and if we were to travel before the years end he would still be under a year. So this is the point where I begin asking for prayer again. Even though in comparison to our last process this is very fast, we want him home!

In addition to that our travel vouchers from our spring break fiasco expire in April. We believe that God provided us those tickets for our trip to Korea. They are worth $5,200 and would cover our first set of flights completely!! I know He is bigger than any government, I know He goes before us, I know His faithfulness first hand AND it's still really hard to walk out those beliefs.  So, this week I am busy filling out more forms, dreaming of meeting him in person and praying. Please join me!

Greyson is thrilled about having another boy so "he doesn't have to play with barbies" and Charlie points at his pictue and says "Hi baby". Three boys will be quite an adventure. This week while our nephews were over and all the boys were running around in the back yard with their bike helmets on (who knows why) I was informed they were creating a boys only club. So I guess it's fitting that we are having another boy because in the words of Greyson "No girls allowed". I did sneak into the club to take a picture of their sign informing everyone that boys rule....shhh.