A Big Day

It seems like I could write a blog titled " A Big Day" all the time lately.  It's my fault really, that I am juggling so many balls. A few months ago I was antsy and during some quiet time I was praying. I did not feel un-near to God per say, but I did feel like life was just moving along day by mundane day. I don't want to dismiss the mundane of life. We need it, our kids need it. We need routines that include eating around the dinner table together, reading books, playing outside, taking the trash out, watering the plants or feeding the dog, but what I don't want is to get so caught up in the "doing" of everyday that I miss the action of God all around me.

And so I prayed, "God, give me something that I need to rely on you for, solely you."  Sitting here now thinking back about that, I wonder why on earth I ever prayed it. He is waiting for us to ask and when we do He is faithful to bring things into our lives that bring Him Glory. It's equal parts terrifying and exhilarating.  And I guess God thought that one thing was not enough so He brought me four things, but they all relate to one another. He is pretty cool that way.

So now I have tangible evidence of the fruition of my prayer and it looks like this:

 - A picture of a chubby baby waiting halfway across the world for us to come get him and begin the process of letting God graft him into our family.

 - A step of obedience in finally listening to that still, small voice after months of pushing it out of  my head; when it told me to talk to a pastor at my church about starting an adoption awareness  program. One meeting led to another and another and another. Then we started interviewing people and filming their stories about how God moved in unimaginable ways to bring them children; some from all over the world and some from just across the city. And in a few months we get to show this video to my church because God told me that there are people who need to see it.

- A website rather than a blog, a place of vulnerability for me.

 - And finally a call from another adoptive mom who asked if I was willing to help her create an event that God had been brewing in her heart for over five years now. A retreat for moms who have adopted or are adopting. A place to connect, equip and refresh. It's big for me, but especially for her. It's a HUGE step of faith, but my goodness is it necessary.  

Adoptive moms can get put through the ringer, you wait and wait and wait. Then you bring this baby home, this little addition you have been swooning over for months or years and you love them so much, but they... well they kinda hate you in the beginning (if you adopted an older child).  And that is hard to swallow. They don't know what is going on.  They don't know who you are and they have so many changes to face.  Even if you adopt from infancy, there can still be issues. Adoption is not only about the process to get the baby home, it's about the child's life before they came to you and about who that child will become. Then if you throw in stuff like race, culture, identity and it's easy to get overwhelmed. God is bigger than all the issues that can come with adoption.  He's got our world in His capable hands and He uses people who have gone through similar things to reach out and help other people.

It was then when she approached me about helping with a retreat that will offer moms friendship and help for the journey. A place to be understood, that I jumped on board. Which brings us to today, a Big Day, today registration opens at 10 am for the retreat Woven by Love. We have been working and meeting for months to prepare for this day and we will continue to work, meet and pray for January when the retreat takes place. 

So, I am still emptying the dishwasher, cleaning the toilets, folding the laundry, going to library and pushing kids on swings, but in addition I am actively pursuing God and He is actively showing  up. He set's meetings, divine appoinments and guides me in which direction to go.  And can I just say, He is a delightful boss to be working for. To Him be the Glory!

If you know someone or you personally might benefit by attending this retreat then go to wovenbylove.org and check it out! We are also on facebook.