A New Chapter

A few years ago when we started our first adoption I got the notion to start a blog. At first I wanted the touchy, feely kind with pictures that made you cry with quick little updates on my life. My blog "answeringthekoreancall" was great for that, but somewhere along the lines it changed. It could have been when the process took some unexpected turns, when I realized I liked this writing thing a bit more than I expected, or when I was the one crying all the time and needed an outlet. How it happened is not really as important as why it happened. 

For a while now I have felt God pushing me to write about more than just adoption. I have become so hungry for Him that I have begun pursuing Him with a renewed passion, studying, seeking and asking. He has been faithful in presenting new opportunities to help me grow, all of which I did not see coming but never the less, there they are.  Which bring us here. A place for me to dabble in a website rather than just a blog. A place to write about my life with Jesus. A place to Consider Him.  Welcome!