Abortion is wrong. Shall we fight?

Abortion, it's a tough subject to tackle.  It's a touchy one and the battle lines are clearly drawn. Neither voice on either side of this argument wants the other to tell it what to do.

 I have read, watched, prayed and cried about these Planned Parenthood Video's that keep emerging and it shakes me to my core.  I can't speak for women who have wrestled with this decision or have gone through an abortion, because I have never been in that position. I just feel sorrow for them. 

A few years ago I had endometriosis pretty bad.  My OB doctor suggested I have surgery to clean out the effects of the endometriosis or try to get pregnant. I was 24. I got pregnant.  Then we lost the baby. About two weeks after my miscarriage, still mourning my loss, I had the surgery. Not long after, my heart still tender and my arms feeling empty, I got pregnant again. Nine months later I bore a beautiful baby boy. Over the next five years, I had two more surgeries and a year of intense endometriosis treatment (think shots in your butt and crazy hormones), plus we had adopted.  My latest surgery was a complete hysterectomy, no more pain, but also no more growing babies. This was a decision my husband and I were in complete agreement about, and okay with.  Now, we wait again for the travel call to meet our third son in Korea. 

So, I have lost a baby, birthed a baby and adopted a baby. I have always loved babies and I had never understood abortion. A little over two years ago, I started volunteering at a Christian pregnancy center. I just wanted to help out, so they had me sorting donations. That was good for a year, but soon I wanted to help more. So I took the mandatory training classes and became a "counselor."  Now I hear their stories.  Now I understand why some consider abortion.

Before I go further it should be noted that I am 100% pro-life. I do not ever for any reason condone abortion, period. It is murder, it is horrible and the companies involved are certainly doing this for a profit. Abortion is wrong.  All of these videos coming out are exposing motives and my goodness are they ugly. The movement out there telling women that this is their body and they can do as they please is so unsettling to me. I call that playing god and it's not our role.  I agree with the arguments that  aborting for convenience sake and not taking responsiblity for actions or choices is wrong .I disagree with the pro-choice agenda which is self-promoting, deceptive and destructive. All these attributs are opposite of Jesus who brings redemption, restoration and life. (John 10:10)  I am also highly concerned, more so, for the other group that chooses abortion. The scared and alone group.

I said I understand considering abortion now because my eyes have been opened to what the lives of others can look like. Sometimes when I hear other people's stories,  I have to force my jaw to stay shut.  Some of these people have been through things so tragic, so painful and so lonely; it's heart wrenching to hear.  It's there in those stories that abortion becomes understandable to me.

In the chaos and dysfunction of an upbringing with neglectful or abusive parents, it's there.   Watching a  single parent struggle or having no parents at all, it's there.  In the foster system that failed them, it's there.  In the lie of the man who said he loved them so they would sleep with him, it's there.  In the poverty, where they truly don't know where the next meal is coming from; in the one night stand; in the fear of becoming a single parent, it's there.  In the exhaustion of trying to manage your already full home with no hope of any real future for the baby; in the addiction;  in the incarceration; in the hopelessness of their life, it's there. There is a truth that has not been revealed to them . It's that He's there too, Jesus, Hope for the hopeless.

I am humbled every week when I leave and get into my car and head to my nice, safe neighborhood.  I am able to open my pantry that is filled with options.  I can call my mom or mother-in-law to see if they can watch my children, so I can get a break and go out with my husband. My husband, who has a steady job, a loyal man who helps me at home after he works all day.  My life cannot begin to compare to theirs.

And so, however they found themselves deciding to abort, whether because they think it is their right, or they feel they have no other choice, my heart breaks for them.  All of them. I see all these passionate articles going around on social media meant to evoke our sense of justice, but I wonder still what we are doing about it?  We are waging a spiritual battle here, one that in involves accountability, justice, truth, kindness and action.

It's not like I always feel like giving of myself for others. My first thoughts after being offended are not always kind. I offend people, I say the wrong thing. I yell at my kids and I have stupid quarrels with my husband. I desire material things and monetary gain. So my intention is not to paint a picture of perfection but people wake up and look around you! The battle is raging and it requires that we fight. I am willing to fight, are you?


Fight for your kids    -

know that the world is pushing all sorts of things at them. PUSH JESUS MORE : get them in church, pray for and over them, teach them the truth of who they are in Christ


Fight for your communities -

Volunteer and get involved in things with an eternal perspective. Reach out and into the lives of the hurting and vulnerable all around you. Only after you have put in the time and work will you be able to insert your opinions and be respected for them.  Vote!                                                                                                                                 


Fight for your neighborhood -

Get to know the ones living close around you; so that someday if they have a spiritual question, they come to you and you point them to Jesus.


Fight for the Hurting and Lost -

Please be kind to others, no matter if you disagree with their political party, sexual orientation or behavior. Who would want to know Jesus if His  followers are harsh tongued, unforgiving people.  Adopt or foster, if you can't then give rest and help to those that are.


 Fight for your Beliefs -

 Get yourself in the Word. Know what you believe and why. I recently did a Bible Study on the books of John which was called What Love is - by Kelly Mitner.  I highly recommend this study as it reinforces the biblical truth of God's Word in an age and culture that is constantly disregarding and molding it to fit their lifestyle.


Fight for the Unborn -

They have no voice, you do. They are vulnerable; as are the women carrying them. Be abundant in mercy and gentle in speech. 



The doctrine of grace and redemption keeps us from seeing any person or situation as hopeless.
— Tim Keller


Here are the URLs for both the Bible Study I mentioned and the book UNPLANNED by Abby Johnson. A former Planned Parenthood employee. It's a really good read.