However you make it through school. Cheers to you, mom!

There they go... our kids. Off to school. They are armed with new backpacks and tennis shoes.  Lunches have been packed and supplies purchased. You can feel the nervous anticipation in the air for both kids and moms alike.  As the kids head into their rooms, left standing in the hallway are all types of moms.

The pinterest mom.

The working mom.

The late mom.

The workout mom.

The mom who wears work out clothes but rarely works out ( love her!).

The new mom.

The old mom.

The exhausted mom.

The really, really excited for school to start mom.

The worried mom. 

The frazzled mom.

The easy going mom.

The single mom.

The involved mom.

The organic food in lunch mom.

The divorced mom.

The stay at home mom.

The crafty mom.

The thank goodness for hot lunch every day mom.

We are the moms. There is nobody like us. We keep our little world rotating and we want what is best for our kids. But sometimes and by sometimes I mean almost all the time. We are hard on one another.  Could it be that we feel threatened by each other?   

Take the pinterest mom for example. Always "whipping up" the most adorable treats to match the season. You throw a Thanksgiving party, she will bring a turkey made from large amounts of frosting and six other kinds of candy. Let's not even get started on Valentines day...

Or,there is the crafty mom. You have a school musical. Naturally you have to come up with a costume. You will find her with her sewing machine, hot glue gun and most likely some form of glitter. The costume will come out perfect and the child will look darling. 

Then we have the workout mom. She is usually found with a hat on her head and dressed in gym gear. She will drop her kids off and go to the Y or take a run before she does anything else for the day. She is disciplined and enjoys working out. It's her outlet.

It could be the really, really excited for school to start mom. She loves her kids, but often  feels overwhelmed by them. She is rarely spotted at school because she is at home, alone. Relishing the quiet.

And the list goes on.  The point is, can't we just let each other be ourselves?

 I have tried the crafty mom thing, once. I mean, I can make a costume, but I will avoid pulling  out my sewing machine out at all costs. I love pinterest. Free ideas and often free printables...sweet!  I am not a scheduled workout mom, I will be week. At least  that is what I tell myself at the end of every weekend.  

Also, we should not be labeled as "that type of mom" for everything. Sometimes, I feel like browsing pinterest and other times I plate  store bought cookies.  I work a day a week for sanity purposes but I don't want to work full time. Maybe you do and love it or maybe you have no desire to work outside the home. Either way, good for you.

 All in one week, I can be the yoga pant wearing, frazzled, exhausted mom. Then the very next day, I could be seen as the easy going, involved mom. We have different likes and dislikes. We have different ideas of fun. We have different ways of getting things done. We do however have one thing very much in common. We love our kids.

Those kids, they are learning from us. Not to see if we made the cookies or bought them.  Not to check whether we fit a shower in today or not. They are watching us to see how we treat people who are different from ourselves. Taking notes about the way we talk to and about others. Looking to see if we are willing to lend some needed grace. As they go off this year and learn reading, writing and arithmetic. Let's also make sure that from us, they are learning to be FOR one another.

So, however you do it, however you make it through another busy school year. Cheers to you, mom!