Timeout {I've got to ask my dad something}

My husband and I were standing in our bathroom having a conversation when our son burst into our room yelling for his dad. It is common in this stage of life for our conversations to be interrupted. Between three boys and a dog, someone always needs something.  In spite of this regular occurrence, his request intrigued me.


Our gangly, sports-loving boy was playing a game of one-on-one basketball with his neighbor buddy, and he was getting his butt kicked. His exaggerated expression and serious tone told me he was feeling pretty frustrated. Expecting him to complain, I was pleasantly surprised to hear him ask his dad for advice. I listened as he explained all the tricks that were already tried, but had failed.  My heart swelled that he thought his next best move was to call a timeout and ask for his dad's advice. 


The man I married is an incredible dad, and he truly shined in this moment. Rather than telling Greyson, our son, to try harder, he asked him what he knew to be true about the situation. Greyson stated that his friend was taller and could shoot better. However, Greyson was faster.  Next, my husband asked the advantages of being faster. The conversation continued a few minutes longer and ended with them running plays around our bed.  Greyson walked out more confident and ready to implement all he had just learned. 


I don't ever recall doing something like that when I was little. I'm pretty certain I just convinced my friends to play games I knew I could win.  The whole scene stuck with me for a few days. I kept thinking how proud I was of Greyson. His emotions could have taken his actions a number of different directions, but he chose to get help.  Ever play against a sore loser? A person that lets anger or jealousy get the best of them. I can distinctly remember a time when I was winning at monopoly and my opponent didn’t like it. Rather than strategize their next move, they just flipped the board up. Paper money and little gold tokens fluttered to the ground, game over. Or sometimes people just give up. They don’t see a quick win and decided it’s easier to quit. Honestly, in the game of life, I sometimes look more like the sore loser rather than one seeking out a fresh perspective. I was humbled by my kid and I wondered, what if I put into practice asking my Father for help when I couldn't figure out the next move? And what would He say to me?


I believe the conversation would greatly resemble the one that took place in my bedroom. My Heavenly Father would not placate me with a quick answer, but rather point me to what is true. And there is no better place to find the truth, but in His Word.  The Bible is like the worlds best playbook and reveals answers to my questions when I am struggling. Taking the time right in the middle of the "game" to simply ask for some help would not only change the way I played the game. It would change me.


But if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives generously and without reproach, and it will be given to him.
— James 1:5


I would be able to walk out confident and equipped for whatever comes next because He too, is an incredible dad.


 As Father's Day draws near you may be reflecting on your personal experiences with your own dad. Maybe he was really good at answering questions or perhaps not. It could be you didn't know your dad or what you did know of him, you disliked. In any case, the good news is that  Our Heavenly Father is the kind of dad that lavishly loves. He will always take the time to show you the right play. All you have to do is ask.