The Process

March 5 2011 - Webinar Video at Spence Chapin

March 7 - Receive application

March 7-12 - Gather info and Doctors notes for application

March 14 - Application Sent

March 16 - May 15 - Told by Spence Chapin we need a gurantee for payments of adoption fees ( $35,000) until then we cannot be formally accepted. Process of going through banks and other avenues to get a gurantee. Obtain gurantee and send to Spence Chapin

May 16 - Offically Accepted :)

May 20 - Send agreement form to Spence Chapin and apply to  FAC, local agency through which homestudy will be done, yes we had to apply to them too and fill out another whole set of application forms.

May 27 -  Receive acceptance from FAC and HUGE paperwork packet

May 28 -  June 24 -  Gather info, write 2 seperate reports, get physical exams and finish all paperwork

June 24 -  Send out packet

June 30 -  Confirmation email from FAC and assigned Case Worker

July 19 - 1st Homestudy

July 21 -  Korea Webinar through Spense Chapin

July 26 -  Make picture book and write letter for birth parents

Aug 4 -  2nd and final Homestudy - HOORAY!