You're not you when you're hungry {Jesus satisfies}

I took a deep breath and walked toward my four-year-old whose crying had quickly escalated into a full blown screaming fit.  This middle child is an intense one and has no problem expressing his deep felt emotions in loud, challenging ways. But this particular morning he was very hungry which did nothing to help his mood. We have a term for this kind of behavior in our house, “Hangry.” 


You know those Snickers commercials, the ones that show a person acting very unlike themselves until someone else hands them a Snickers. After taking a bite, the person magically transforms back to themselves and then the slogan comes on the screen


 “You’re just not you when you’re hungry. Snickers Satisfies.”


That describes hangry perfectly, and for my kid, he gets unreasonable, angry and crabby when he’s hungry. Let’s just say he comes by it honestly. My husband can come home and see me frazzled or tell by my less than kind responses that I need to eat. That’s the way our bodies work, we can’t expect to be nourished the entire day by eating one meal, but rather, a consistent refueling all day.


I started to think about that specific thought and related it to my spiritual life. Because unfortunately, my hangry tendencies not only affect my physical body but my spiritual one as well. I find that I compartmentalize my time with the Lord. For example, if I get up and read a devotional, pray or spend a few quiet moments with Him, it’s like I can check that off my list for the day. However, I would not consider doing that to my physical body. I wake up and eat breakfast, but a few hours later my stomach informs me if’s time for lunch. How then do I expect to get through my day when I am starving myself spiritually?


I am the bread of Life
— John 6:48



As I walked over and picked up my little boy, careful to avoid his swinging legs, I sat down with him and helped him eat. Within a matter of minutes, it was clear his sugar levels were evening out. He was much happier and even smiled, but he needed to be fed in order to get his attitude into a better state.  And while I don’t have physical temper tantrums, sometimes in my mind I’m kicking and screaming. That’s why it’s so important for us to be feeding on Him, the bread of life, all day.


To bring our hurts, anger, fear and doubts to Him. Letting His Word replace them all with His good promises.  I need to remember to let Him pick me up and take me on His lap. Allow Him to feed me, bringing nourishment to my soul and correcting my behavior  at the same time.   


Snickers might be on to something with their slogan except I would argue it this way:


“You’re just not you when you’re hungry but Jesus Satisfies.